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BC LED Lighting Rebates & Incentives.

BC Hydro

In BC, BC Hydro’s Product Incentive Program provides financial incentives to small and medium businesses to replace old inefficient lighting technologies with new energy efficient lighting products.

View All Rebate Qualified LED Bulbs

View on BC Hydro’s eCatalog

Find out if you qualify

Download the following BC Hydro Power Smart PIP Policies document to see if you are eligible for light rebates & incentives

Download the PIP Policies PDF

Which products should I buy?

Download the following BC Hydro Eligible Technologies document to see which LED lighting products you should buy

Download the Eligible Technologies PDF

Recent Program updates and policy changes

Receipts policy
SEP 24/12 – Receipts and invoices from retailers such as big box hardware stores are not eligible for a PIP application form and will not be accepted.

LiveSmart BC 10% Incentive
SEP 24/12 – LiveSmart BC is funding an additional 10% incentive on top of BC Hydro’s current program incentives. Apply to the Product Incentive Program and receive the 10% incentive automatically.

Contact BC Hydro
BC Hydro Account Holders
Phone toll free 1 866 522 4713
Fax 604 453 6285

Fortis BC

In BC, Fortis BC’s PowerSense Lighting incentives offers money back when you purchase the most energy efficient lighting products.

Home Improvement Program for existing homes

Download Fortis BC’s rebate program application for existing homes

Download the Application Form PDF

Learn more about Fortis BC’s Home Improvement Program.

New Home Program

Download Fortis BC’s rebate program application for new homes

Download the Application Form PDF

Learn more about Fortis BC’s New Home Program.

How To Apply
Step 1. Complete, print and sign the application form.
Step 2. Attach your receipts and relevant paper work.
Step 3. Send the completed package to the following address:
FortisBC PowerSense Program
P.O. Box 130
Trail, BC, V1R 4L4


  1. Richard Skene
    February 20, 2013 at 8:38 am · Reply

    I bought 1 led Philips bulb costing $27.00
    Tax incl.
    I saved the receipt since April 2012
    is this cost rebatable ?!!

    • LED Lighting Rebates
      March 6, 2013 at 9:26 am · Reply

      Hi Richard,
      you have to contact your hydro service provider.
      Thank you

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